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  • Dodies Place Cajun Bar & Grill

  • Dodies Texas
  • The Cajun Placce
  • Aparicios Restaurant
What We Offer
  • Give your company a professional web presence & email address
  • Websites are responsive, respond to screen size for better wiewing on smaller screen sizes (phones).
  • Search engines generally rank responsive websites higher than non-responsive. Google results rankings are Mobile First
  • A simple web site can be registered & completed in a couple weeks (more complex web sites with more features take longer)
  • Check out my customer web sites on the left (some closed or changed hands)
  • I also host (actually a major hosting company under my large developer account) all my project websites
  • You supply the content (photos, wording, ideas, ...) we'll make it into a professional website you'll be proud of
  • Logo design (simple) & ad layout using Adobe Illustrator (PDF/EPS output)
  • Photoshop image editing
  • Facebook & Twitter setup & integration expertise
  • Photography (food, still life, architectural, interiors, people, ...). My work
  • I take the hassle out of the process. Easy to work with.
  • I office out of my home so no staff & office overhead that your pay for
  • Client references available
  • Contact me via email for more info & to tell us your needs
  • Photography: commercial, events, food, people-posed, model portfolios
  • Michael Adkins Photography

Regards... Mike